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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rizalman Ibrahim

Rizalman Ibrahim will be opening a new boutique for ladies in tudung in near future!!'PUTEH' - name of the new boutique. Check out www.rizalmanibrahim.blogspot.com
'PUTEH" will be opening this 9th January 2010.Apalagi, go and check out his fab designs..Cantik!!!
Rizalman = $$$..but his design is just fab!!!

(Pictures from www.rizalmanibrahim.blogspot.com)

Some of designs to be displayed in 'PUTEH', but why most of them in black color??Probably,Rizalman is cracking his mind designing more and more and more...

This is nice for nite events..kenduri pun boleh..
I like this!!
The fabric can make us look slimmer!!I loike the colour..
So tempting..sluurrppp..

Design ni pki raya cantik..change to metallic blue..mengancam!!
I love this!!

Semua la I suka!!


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